Thursday, March 5 Luncheon at Palma Ceia Golf and Country Club

Hosted by the Cure Kids’ Cancer Now! Foundation, you are invited to a special event that supports individuals’ dedicated contributions to Tampa Bay charities. Charities include advocacy in domestic violence, animal rescue, the environment, child mentoring, health care, veteran support and many more! This event honors the philanthropic efforts of both adults and children alike. Please consider nominating a child or adult who rises above the rest and has truly sacrificed much of their time to their cause.

Please note that all Tampa Bay 501(c)3 can be nominated for equal consideration- this is not limited to childhood cancer organizations.

The proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorships will support Cure Kids’ Cancer Now! Foundation.

What are the E.M.M.I. Awards?

• Cure Kids’ Cancer Now! Foundation is hosting an awards ceremony Empowering Motivated Magnanimous Individuals (E.M.M.I.) for their hard work and dedication to the Tampa Bay area. Do you know someone who gives their time, talent, or treasure to make the world a better place? Do they run a foundation? Do they volunteer at every event? Do they sacrifice their time to support a Tampa Bay charity? If so, please consider nominating them for an E.M.M.I. Award!
• The E.M.M.I. Award committee will review the nominations and choose the Top 5 Adult EMMIs and the Top 5 Kid EMMIs.
• The Top 10 will be invited to a luncheon where they can spend 2-3 minutes each presenting their cause and why they support it. (For kids in school, a video submission can be done by March 1st).
• All ticket holders in attendance will then vote and rank the Top 5 in each category.
• The Top Winner in each category will win at $3,000 grant to the foundation of their choice. 2nd place will receive a $2,000 grant, 3rd place will receive a $1,500 grant, 4th place will receive a $1,000 grant and 5th place will receive a $500 grant.


• There is no shortage of good causes. Many of us support projects, but there are also many more that we may never have heard of that we would love to support. The E.M.M.I. Awards will offer the opportunity for The Top 10 to showcase their cause while giving the attendees the chance to learn more about some of the many amazing charities in the Tampa Bay area.
• Collaboration is key! Together, we are all working to make Tampa Bay a better place. We hope that you will join us in celebrating some of the most Empowering Motivated and Magnanimous Individuals in Tampa Bay on March 5!
• As Cure Kids’ Cancer Now! Foundation has grown over the past few years, we have learned first-hand how tough it can be to spread the word about the work we are doing. We are excited to help kick-start that process for other Tampa Bay foundations and highlight the good work they are doing.
• The E.M.M.I. Awards are being held in memory of Emmi Grace Angel who in her short life inspired so many in the Tampa Bay area and beyond.
Requirements for nomination:
• Grant money must go to a registered 501(c)3 in good standing at the time of nomination and at the time of distribution.
• Individuals may be nominated more than once.
• Individuals may nominate themselves.
• Nominee must reside in the Tampa Bay Area.
• Top 10 Finalists must be present at awards ceremony on March 5 in order to win. (Top 5 Finalists in the kids category may submit a video presentation by March 1 if unable to attend the event).
• Nominations must be submitted by February 1 in order to be considered.

The Top 10 Finalists will be announced February 15.

How is the winner chosen?

• All submissions will be reviewed by the Cure Kids’ Cancer Now! Foundation Board and the E.M.M.I. Awards committee.
• The board and committee will narrow down the nominations to the Top 5 kids and Top 5 adults.
• The Top 5 in each category will be invited to attend the E.M.M.I. Awards Luncheon.
• The Top 5 in each category will speak for 2-3 minutes each about their cause and why they support it.
• Luncheon ticket holders in attendance will vote and rank each of the presenters and the top from each category will receive a grant for the foundation of their choice. (Note the foundation must be a registered 501©3 in good standing at the time of submission and winning).